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How to prepare for major repairs: rough work, materials and technology

In the previous articles of our cycle, which is devoted to the insulation of facades, we examined in detail the most commonly used methods of thermal insulation and found that the method of “wet facade”, namely, the system of facade insulation BauGut optimally suited for massive insulation of buildings.
How to prepare for major repairs: rough work, materials and technologyHowever, BauGut facade insulation is one of the many options for using a wide range of products of this brand. If you have at home a lot of repair, then the questions arise: how to make a screed, what to put a tile, how to install gypsum plasterboard – there can be a lot of questions. And the answer should be one – to get the most effective and quality modern materials, at an affordable price, the brand that provides these conditions.

Suppose you need to put a tile on the floor. It may be a bathroom, a kitchen, an entrance hall – it does not matter. The purpose is to: put on a ceiling a special construction mixture for leveling the rough surface, improve the sound insulation and waterproofing properties of the floor, reduce heat losses towards the ceiling, increase the mechanical strength of the floor, etc. etc. That is, the screw serves as a rough foundation for further work on flooring

In the modern construction market you can find a great many different mixtures for the arrangement of ties. In principle, it is not possible to consider them all and compare the characteristics, therefore we will limit, for example, the specialized products of TM BauGut, namely, the BauGut DES

BauGut DES floor trowel
Repair works, materials and technologies BauGut

The dry bundles of BauGut DES include: a polymer-based composition based on high-quality porcelain cement and modifiers that provide a flow rate of 20 kg / m2 at a thickness of 10 mm

Sometimes, ask the question: why buy a special mixture with modifiers, if you can make a simple cement-sand mixture and make a screed? The question is from the middle of the 20th century, when the only available screw was a cement mortar.

Brief: Application of modifiers or special additives is dictated by the necessity of obtaining the given technological and technical characteristics of the mixtures. Basically, it is the retention of water in the shuttered solution after application of the material. Water is absorbed into the base of the solution, but it evaporates from its surface, which leads to a decrease in the time of finding the cement in the form of a gel, reducing the degree of hydration and reducing the strength of the solution. At the same time, the thickness of the layer of the solution affects the quality of the resulting cement stone, the smaller the layer, the more these deficiencies appear.

The dry bundle BauGut DES is used for bonding devices inside and outside buildings, before application of self-leveling mixtures and laying of tiles. If you are repairing an existing old screed or for filling inter-panel joints, the BauGut DES mix is ​​recommended to be diluted with a special reinforcement composition BauGut ARM instead of water.

And, traditionally, the preparation of the surface of the base should be made according to DSTU-N B V.2.6-212, DSTU-NBA A.3.1-23, that is, it is necessary:

remove hard areas of the surface, clean it from dirt, dust, oil, etc .;
fragile areas that can not be removed, and highly absorbent surfaces first to be treated with appropriate primers;
cracks, inter-wall joints, unevenness with a depth of more than 20 mm to be repaired with a mortar mixture made from a dry BauGut DES mixture using a BauGut ARM composition in place of water and withstand no less than 24 hours;
To align the surface, set beacons at a distance, 20 cm less than the length of the rule;
To minimize the risk of cracks occurring in places with a minimum thickness, it is recommended to enclose a metal mesh with a cell size of 50 × 50 mm on the surface;
The surface prepared for the fastening device must be durable and clean.
The next stage of repair: on the prepared and drying screed “pours out” self-leveling floor BauGut SBA

Self-leveling floor BauGut SBA
Repair works, materials and technologies BauGut

The self-leveling floor BauGut SBA is intended for leveling and strengthening the surface of the floor, with a height difference of 2 to 15 mm, before laying tiles, parquet, linoleum and other coatings inside the dwelling and in no residential premises.

As in the previous case, questions often arise – is it not enough for a simple screw, for what needs also a fluid self-inflating (filling) floor?

In a nutshell: from a technical point of view, “self-leveling floors” can be called high-flowing thin-layer construction mortar mixtures. These are materials that are not in a very long time (from several minutes to several hours, depending on the binder components) are in a fluid state, and then solidify and form a high-strength surface

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