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Functional small bedroom

The bedroom is primarily your relaxation and sleeping area, so the fact that the room may be small should not bother you anyway. Sorry that there is no where to put a wide bed, a massive closet, a desktop and many more? Are you sure they need you here? A small bedroom is a chance to make a cozy place from it, where there is nothing superfluous.

Mention at least the customs of the Japanese: in their quarters you will not see the accumulation of furniture, in particular a wide bed, on the contrary – in the houses of representatives of the Japanese culture, there are very few furnishings. They sit on the floor, they eat and sleep on it (not on a naked surface, of course, but on a tatami – thick wicker rice or other straw mats), but they do not complain about back pain, but live a long and happy life. What do we want to say? Of course, we do not offer to sleep on a solid surface, but change their priorities, especially if you have a small area available, will only be useful.

We crafted furniture
So, the first tip to create a cozy and functional room, without sacrificing its design – do not clog up the space that you can do without it, and buy compact furniture. Today, the market presents a wide range of compact and sophisticated furniture, which are quite comfortable, modern, not to mention their practicality and functionality. Even a bed can be chosen to have a storage system for your things, or choose a lifting model that will save space considerably when you do not need a soft bed.
Without a wardrobe, it is rare when you can see the bedroom (as if you have a dressing room separately), and therefore, within a small area, we recommend stopping your choice on the cabinets where the door moves and not “steals” the space when opened (their used in their homes by the Japanese). You can not stop only on the doors of the closet, but also replace the traditional door to the room on the sliding door.

Color palette for small bedroom
When choosing a color scheme in a small room room, we rely on two criteria: it should be calm, muted and relaxing colors to create a relaxing atmosphere and drowsiness and light, pastel tones that visually increase the limited space. In the bedroom it is categorically not recommended to use in a large number of dark, bright, exciting and aggressive colors. However, even they can be “entered” in the room, if light (for example, white) color will prevail.

Please note that the walls of the bedroom should be painted not only in a suitable color, but also the correct paint. Śnieżka PLATINIUM® Modern is a paint that not only provides an impeccable and lightweight coating but also antistatic: the surfaces covered with Śnieżka PLATINIUM® Modern do not attract dust, which makes the product a great choice for finishing the walls of the bedroom.

Also, the paint is highly resistant to washing. Made using an innovative Teflon ™ surface protector, which provides less contamination and excellent performance. The paint can be dyed on the color system of the Śnieżka Color System.

Vertical – the whole head
It is known that vertical lines, long and high decoration items, etc., visually extend, and thus create an impression of more space, so feel free to use this trick in decorating the interior of a small bedroom. High-ceiling curtains, wardrobe – green light in our case.

Use hanging mechanisms
A feeling of airiness in the room will help create hanging mechanisms that seem to flow around the space around. These are open hanging shelves, even a small bedside table, which can be used to put shoes as well as an outboard organizer for small things, which can be hidden at any moment. We also attach decorative elements, in particular, not only to the walls, but also to the ceiling, such as hanging lamps. Their beauty will admire the eye and will surely provide comfort.

Mirrors to help
Mirrors and space – are very interconnected. The feature of mirrors in space is widely used in creating optical illusions. The visual increase in space is one of those that interior designers have repeatedly mentioned. Just keep them in front of the bed or make a mirror or glossy surface of the ceiling. After awakening or in the dark, even the actual reflection can frighten a person. The mirror will fit into the cabinet door or the door of the room.

Pay attention to the space of the wall above the bed
So, you can not think of anything and leave the wall naked, but the bedroom is not a hospital chamber, and yet we do not leave any opportunity to make the room functional, so do not be lazy and attract a little imagination. The space above the bed can be used for both practical and decorative purposes, or both, at the same time, but do not leave it without work.

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