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How to install windows in the basement of a private home

The windows in the basement floor are often undeservedly neglected. In fact, even one or two windows in the base can become sources of natural light and turn the gloomy basement into a room suitable for active use.
How to install windows in the basement of a private home
Today, tells about the features of selecting and installing the base windows.

Which windows are best installed in the basement?
Here, there are several options with its advantages and disadvantages:

Wooden. Used very rarely. Windows in the base, usually, are separated from the ground by a few centimeters, they have an increased load, they are exposed to dampness. Therefore, the tree in such conditions does not last long, requires careful treatment with antiseptics and regular care.
Aluminum The same rare option, more often, will put such windows if there is no living space in the base, because the aluminum profile will not give the necessary thermal insulation.
Plastic windows. The most popular and sought after option for the cap. First, they have 10-15% more light paths than the others. And for a semi-basement it’s important. Secondly, windows PVC have rather high thermal insulation characteristics, durable and durable.

When choosing the material for the windows of the ground floor, make sure that at least one leaf is opened. Be sure to specify this moment when ordering windows of the correct size, because the basement ventilation is very important. The opening window will help create a volley airflow, if necessary.
In general, the installation of windows in the sill is no different from the installation of double-glazed windows on other floors. Of course, if their presence was planned in advance, and the ground floor is high enough to have a minimum of 15 centimeters to the ground from the edge of the window. In this case, you can install ordinary plastic windows, as a budget and reliable option.

Otherwise, it will be necessary to do pans near window promises, and this is already additional work and costs.

As we see in these photographs, the berths can be small, just a depression in front of the window to allow as much light as possible in the basement. The bottom of the pit should be 15-20 centimeters below the level of the window sill.

But, sometimes, the recess must be made at the height of the window. A variant of the anti-aircraft lamp is obtained – there is no view from the window, the light hits the top, but at the same time the window fulfills its basic functions: it helps to ventilate and illuminate the room.

When arranging the recess for the window in the base, it is very important to take care of the presence of drainage, otherwise moisture will accumulate here, which will negatively affect the operation and condition of the entire semi-basement. For reliability, it is advisable to put a drain lattice on the bottom of the pit.

The pans are usually covered with bricks or cement, metal fence can be installed, which will help to keep the soil. In addition, protecting the window allows a canopy over it, for example, from polycarbonate to allow light to pass.

In addition, if the height of the pit is large, it will not be necessary to install grids, so that children or pets did not fall into the recesses in front of the window. It will also be a protection against intruders who use such low windows for the purpose of penetrating the house.

One should not forget about high-quality waterproofing and insulation of windows in the base. Otherwise, the decoration of the ground floor will depend on the material you choose – panels, artificial stone, plaster. Do not forget about trim slopes, installation of a window sill, if it will be, cork covers for additional isolation of joints.

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