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How to put a tile on a wooden floor

Certainly, ceramics – far from the best option for combining with wood. This is due to the different characteristics of these two materials:

Wood has the property to change its size as a result of the influence of external factors: when the moisture increases, the tree expands, while falling against it – can dry up. In many cases, this leads to deformation of the tile coating and the ;
Unlike tiles, the tree is heavily subjected to various destructive processes and is much inferior to the operating time of ceramics. Therefore, it is often possible to encounter a situation where, due to the destruction of a wooden substrate, it is necessary to disassemble the tile;
Tile coating, in conjunction with water repellent adhesive, blocks the access to oxygen wood, which is necessary for the full-fledged service of the tree. As a result, a significant reduction in the length of the operating life of the base;
Only the lightest tile can be used for laying on the floor of a wooden floor. Otherwise, his weight will turn out to be too large for a wooden base and over time the tile will fail.
So, can I put a tile on a wooden floor? It is possible. But, it’s a rather complicated process. If you are still confident in your decision to put a ceramic tile over the wooden floor, be prepared, that you will need to make a lot of effort. But the result is worth it, so let’s move on to prepare the ground. Let’s consider step by step how to put a tile on a wooden floor.

Pay attention! It is not strictly recommended to put a tile over the wooden floor, since the installation of which has not passed for at least two years. This is fraught with the fact that in the process of shrinkage the tile crumbles

The main requirements for carrying out these construction works are as follows:

Ensure access of oxygen to the lower layers of the coating (wood);
Evenly distributed loads across the entire surface;
Ensure that the base is immovable.
In order to ensure that all these points are met, it is necessary to plan the order of work and follow the planned plan. Also, it is indispensable to watch different videos on how to put a tile on a wooden floor.

Assessment of the condition of the coating
How to put a tile on a wooden floor

The first stage implies a thorough inspection and assessment of the condition of the wooden base. For this purpose, the upper boards are best removed and carefully inspect all elements of the design: beams, logs, each board on both sides, insulation, etc.

For any signs of damage, it is imperative to replace or repair the base area. What should pay special attention to:

The presence of rotting. There are quite a lot of rot species, so you need to carefully examine the surface. Regardless of the type of mushrooms that spawn this process, the wood softens, changing its color or structure. The check for presence of rotting elements is carried out as follows: in any suspicious fragment that you suspect, you must plug the sew. Easy entry is a reliable indicator of destructive processes in wood. All affected elements must be eliminated, and the adjoining parts are treated with special antiseptic means for the tree;
The larvae of the beetle-woodpecker. These insects destroy the wood, gnawing in it a lot of moves. The same approach is used to solve the problem, as in the first case replacement of the damaged area and thorough processing with special composition.
Most of the destructive processes in the wood develop in consequence of increased humidity. Therefore, installation of a tile on a wooden floor in a bathroom requires special attention. In dry rooms, the development of fungi can occur as a result of violation of the integrity of the heat-insulating layer. Given these factors, it is worth carefully checking the waterproofing materials for damage. You may have to install an additional layer.

Pay attention! The spores of fungi are practically in any wood. The only way not to allow them to spoil the floor is to carry out high-quality treatment with antiseptics and to create the conditions that are most unsuitable for them.

If none of the above disadvantages have been detected on your floor or you have already removed all the defects, then you can put the tile on a wooden floor.

Preparatory stages of work
How to put a tile on a wooden floor

Before starting to prepare the laying of ceramic tiles on the wooden floor, it is necessary to make sure that the distance between the lags does not exceed 50 cm. Otherwise, it is necessary to install additional supports, otherwise the construction may not be able to withstand the weight of the coating and fail.

How to put a tile on a wooden floor

Pay attention! Do not forget to treat all new wooden elements with antiseptic agents.

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