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Rules of thermal insulation of buildings around the perimeter

According to the National Encyclopedia of Construction of, the domestic company Elit-Plast, a manufacturer of expanded polystyrene, has developed a method of thermal insulation of perimeter buildings, the purpose of which is to:

Minimize heat loss leaving the building in the ground;
prevent the formation of condensation and mold inside basements;to raise the quality of air in the basements;
reduce the cost of electricity.
Taking into account that the insulation layer contacts with soil moisture and is affected by soil fluctuations, for example, due to the movement of the vehicle, the insulation material is subject to increased requirements. It should provide: moisture-proof, high compressive strength, biological resistance and reliable, durable thermal insulation.

Undoubtedly, all these requirements are satisfied by extruded polystyrene foam

Journalists can note the following technological requirements for thermal insulation of the perimeter of buildings:

The most important and compulsory condition is the sealing protection.

Between the vertical wall and the base of the foundation lay waterproofing layer, warning the movement up of capillary moisture.
The vapor barrier layer is mounted outside the building: stacked inside, it can prevent a complete drying of the walls.
The most energy efficient is combined thermal insulation – extruded polystyrene Penoboard and mineral wool or fiberglass, laid on a wooden frame. In the case of using a combined heat insulation installation, the vapor barrier film over the fibrous part of the material is not stacked. Further, the construction is closed with gypsum cardboard.

Features of thermal insulation of the perimeter of underground structures
If the “warm floor” system is used in underground structures, it makes sense to heat this floor. For thermal insulation of floors in underground structures, extruded foam polystyrene Penoboard is used in rigid slabs.

In this case, the technological features of insulation are as follows:

Plates of extruded polystyrene Penoboard are coated with a layer of vapor barrier – reinforced polyethylene film.
Between the concrete slab and the film, they refrain from using sand: it is easily saturated with moisture, which can not escape into the soil due to the steam insulation barrier, and vaporizing through the slab upwards destroys the floor covering indoors.

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