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Professional tips on how to protect metal-plastic windows from hacking

Modern windows made of polyvinyl chloride (PVC window) have long been used to it, although 20 years ago it was a stranger, accessible only to rich people
Professional tips on how to protect metal-plastic windows from hacking
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But life is not in place. And today, such a window is one of the most important elements of the house, which promotes not only the creation of comfortable living conditions, but also protects your calm.In addition, against the backdrop of rising prices for utility services, more and more consumers are making their choice in favor of windows with energy-saving anti-burglar glass units. Here, with more or less clear advantages:

energy saving, which is already laid in the very principle of the design of windows;
protection against noise, dust and moisture, drafts;
health safety, environmental friendliness;
ease of use, because they do not require special care, are resistant to any atmospheric phenomena, nor do they need repair and painting with proper operation.
And finally, such windows are simply beautiful from an aesthetic point of view.

What should be guided by when choosing a window? Of course not a price. Even the cheapest window will not be profitable to change every year or every two years – after all, besides everything else, you will have to do repairs again in the apartment. So, you have to choose one time, but for the next 25-30 years. There are many important components in the window itself. One of the central components of the window is the fittings. Namely, about it ProfiDom.com.ua offers to talk, because first of all, the reliability and stability of the window as a whole depends on the quality of its work.

Last but not least, the popularity of metal-plastic windows affects the fact that they can open in two planes, sometimes with several intermediate positions. This is one of the many window features provided by the hardware. Think for yourself, that first of all, the user throws himself in the eyes – exquisite contours of a super-modern profile or a pen that has jammed in any position without the slightest chance of opening. The plastic “euro-window” is anyway warmer than the old, at least due to the absence of gaps. The number of cameras in the profile after welding is not visible, the coefficient of resistance of heat transfer without a special device can not be measured. Even the worst profiles change colors for many years. But, if the window does not open, it will be immediately noticeable. Therefore, let me notice that the window is initially determined by fittings and only by it. All other factors are of great importance, but they come into play in the following stages, and if the hardware is not reliable, then during the operation, it manifests itself immediately. In fact, what difference is the number of cameras having a profile or double-glazed window, if the window is hardly opened or not opened at all?

Let’s forget a little about all the positive emotions from the replacement of windows, we will not pay attention to the whiteness of PVC, the exotic of decor “for a rare tree”, the silence in the house and other benefits of the new window. Let’s open it-one turn of the handle, and the leaf turns gently on the hinges, one more turn – the sash opens in the folding position, and if the window is equipped with such an additional function – and you turn the handle to 45 °, then you will get a slit micro-inspection.

But most importantly, what would you like to sharpen your attention is the security of your window – how can it be achieved?

Do you think your window is safe? And you want to know how you can hack your window without special tools in less than 7 seconds? Then, to get started, watch a video posted at the very end of the article! Look, and then we’ll talk about how you can protect yourself and your home!

Have you seen? And now, let’s talk about it in more detail. What distinguishes the usual window from anti-burglar? The normal window opens from the outside with the usual tools – for example, a screwdriver. It crashes between the frame and the sash, and when pressed, the fitting pin rises above the response bar, leaving the engagement. Law enforcement agencies report that the specialist leaves for five to eight seconds. There are practically no tracks left. The thief is inside, the window is closed again, everything looks harmless from the outside.

In order to avoid such a situation, there is an outfit with mushroom spikes.

How to protect metal-plastic windows from hacking

The fungus is in engagement, and it is impossible to raise it. It can only be broken. For this, however, a tool of a different level is necessary – there is nothing to do with a screwdriver here. And the applied efforts should be comparable to the weight of the car. The problem is that penetration into the room is also divided into categories – the most common type of theft, strange as it is, the theft is spontaneous – that is, the search is where everything is bad. From such a burglar, you can protect ordinary mushroom pins.

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