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How to install solar panels on the balcony and loggia

About the autonomy of their housing are conceived, by the way, not only the owners of private homes. This topic is relevant for apartment owners. And if they can not get their own well, then the installation of a solar panel on a balcony or loggia of a multi-storey house – a wave is possible
How to install solar panels on the balcony and loggia
The National Encyclopedia of Construction of, will now not cover the variety and rules for choosing solar panels for private homes. We only note that for installation on loggia and balconies, most often, polycrystalline panels, which can work even on cloudy days, are used.This is a logical choice, because in contrast to the batteries installed on the roof of a private house or on a plot, strictly to the south, the owners of the choice of placement is much smaller. Of course, it is perfect if the balcony or loggia is facing the south side of the house. You can put a solar panel on a balcony facing east or west, but you should be ready for a significant drop in efficiency.

Besides the impossibility of choosing the side of the light to install the solar panel, the owner of the apartment faces the problem of lack of space. Count yourself: one solar panel with a power of 50 W has dimensions 540x620x30 millimeters. How many can be installed directly on or behind a standard balcony? A maximum of four is evidenced by user experience. On a long loggia, of course, the number of panels can be increased.

Where to install? There are several options:

Behind the balcony, under the windows or just behind the parapet, if the balcony is not glazed. You need to be able to provide a small incline upwards to “catch” as much sunlight as possible.
On the roof of the balcony, if you have the last floor. In other cases, and for loggies, this option is not appropriate.
On the outside of the window.
On the windows or walls on the inside. In this case, the panel is protected from wind, rain and snow, but according to the owner’s testimonials who have tried this method of installation, the efficiency of the solar battery behind the glass will be less! As one of the owners of solar panels on the balcony pointed out, one on the sunshine on the street immediately showed an output current of 5.7 A, while the second at the same time behind the glass was only 3 A.

In addition, the solar panel on the window, of course, will hide the surrounding landscape, the room will be darker.

Important! To install on the glass you should select special flexible modules. By the way, they are not so noticeable from the street and translucent.

Important! In winter, when the temperature is less than +5 degrees, the efficiency of the batteries falls significantly. According to experts, it is absolutely impossible to store them on an open balcony in the winter! It is necessary to carry the battery in the house and think how to hold the wire to him from the unheated balcony.

In addition to the solar modules themselves, the owners of apartments will need a charge controller, a battery (to use solar energy and in the dark of the day), as well as a sinusoidal inverter (Grid-tie inverter). The price of the issue will be different and we are not considering the financial side here.

Important! Users advise when installing solar panels in frames outside the window on the upper floors to consider the possibility of strong wind gusts. Let the module weighs a bit, but it should be firmly fixed! advises to buy ready-made kits designed specifically for installation in apartments. Such balcony solar panels are sold with a built-in microinvertor, converting a direct current into a variable. As a result, it will not be necessary to change anything in the energy supply system of the apartment. The special module is inserted into the socket and the current is distributed throughout the system.

In the European Union in 2019, the technical standard DIN VDE 0100-551-1 must be earned. Its full name is “Low Voltage Power Equipment – Connecting Equipment for Power Generation for Parallel Operation with Other Energy Sources, Including Public Power Distribution Network”. Surprisingly, but so far, only in certain European countries, apartment owners in multi-storey buildings were allowed to legally use solar panels connected to the common network. The new standard must change the situation.

According to its norms, there will be restrictions:
The peak power of solar modules should not exceed 600 W. However, on a regular balcony you will not install more.
The maximum current limit is set. For example, in Switzerland this figure should not exceed 2.6 A.
Owners of apartments, which install solar panels, are obliged to change the electric meter to a special, equipped blocker.

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