How to choose a sealant for homework
About the fact that they represent themselves, what kinds of species exist, where and how they are used, as well as how to choose the right sealant, says the National…

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The most common types of insulation of the facades of houses. BauGut facade insulation system
The modern world-wide trend - energy saving, is to a large extent related to increasing energy efficiency of buildings and insulation of houses. The latter is especially relevant for our…

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How to insulate pitched roofs
Worldwide trend - energy saving - does not mean that it is necessary to insulate only the walls of houses. Of course, there are no other outlets in the high-rise…

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We produce wooden shelves for pantry

At times, it’s just amazing that you are able to keep caring masters in this small room: it can be both food and countless preserves, small household appliances, and a variety of economic tools, etc. Therefore, the first thing that is characterized by a good treasure is the capacity. And if at the same time things will occupy little space and manage to avoid confusion, it will be alright. Continue reading

How to choose wallpaper for painting and how to paint it

What are the wallpaper for painting and paint for them
There are three types of wallpaper that can be painted
Every option has the right to life, the differences lie only, in operational characteristics, the ability to keep fit and correctly respond to shrinkage of the building. For each type of wallpaper under painting, as a rule, the quality of the foundation is important. It should be durable, homogeneous, and most importantly – hygroscopic and with good adhesion. Continue reading

How to calculate the number of wallpapers on the room

The first step is to determine the perimeter of the room. Remember math in elementary school? The formula for calculating the perimeter is simple: (width + length) x 2. This is if your opposite walls are the same, that is, the room is strictly rectangular. If the room is complicated, the walls are broken and of different lengths, then the formula of the perimeter will look different: A1 + A2 + A3 + A4. That is, each wall will have to be measured separately, and then everything is folded in order to get the perimeter. Similarly, the perimeter is calculated if there are niches or protrusions in the room. Continue reading

How to mill doors and set pens

If you yourself do repairs and want to perfectly install the interior doors, the National Encyclopedia of Construction, buy the simplest manual milling machine. This tool greatly simplifies the process of door fittings and improves the quality of work. How to do it?
How to mill doors and set pens
What needs a miller
Journalists advise: when interchamber locks are inserted, it is required to make a recess under the body and an end plate. Continue reading

Update the parquet in the school class

During the school year, the class most suffers from the floor – dozens of small legs go and run every day on it, students push and hold the chairs, rearrange the batches, may accidentally shed water, and so on. Such intensive exploitation leads to the fact that the floor covering is rapidly wearing out, so while the summer is in full swing, it’s time to think about updating the parquet in the school class. Continue reading

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How to build a reliable home on a weak ground
Obviously, the foundation on which the house rests must be firmly established in the ground. However, due to the different nature of the soils, they can not always withstand the…


What is the practice of applying information models in modern construction
The editorial board addressed one of very few, in our country, experts on BIM-technologies, with a request to express their opinion on the practice of applying information models in construction.…


How to insulate walls with voids
According to journalists, the domestic company Elit-Plast, a manufacturer of penoplasting Penoboard (Penobord), has developed a common thermal insulation system with XPS slabs, which is ideal for regions with…


We paint chairs for the garden
When choosing chairs for a garden, one should pay attention not only to the material from which they are made, but also to their constructive solution, mindful of functionality, maximum…